Who Is Dina Shihabi? Learn Everything About Her Career, Net Worth and Love Life! - Taddlr (2024)

BirthdaySeptember 22nd, 1989
BirthplaceRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Length1.72 m (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs pound) approx.
Relationshipyes, with Jai Courtney.
Professionactress, writer, model

Riding high on the success of her Netflix showPainkiller,Dina Shihabi has won over critics and fans during her decade-long career. If you are in complete awe of the exotic actress, then we are in the same boat! Let’s dive deeper into her illustrious professional and personal life, net worth, and some unknown facts about her.

Dina Shihabi’s A Natural Beauty

Dina Shihabi’s Middle-Eastern roots are evident in her striking beauty. Her natural hair color is brown, and her eye color is black. She measures 1.72 m in length and 65 kg in weight. The star does not have any known tattoos.

Humble Beginnings & Supporting Family

Who Is Dina Shihabi? Learn Everything About Her Career, Net Worth and Love Life! - Taddlr (1)

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Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dina Shihabi moved to Dubai when she was 6 with her family. She has also lived in Beirut for a part of her childhood. Her family has a sound background. Her father is a former banker and a commentator on Saudi politics. Previously, he served as the chairman of Saudi Hollandi Bank. Her mother’s name is Nadia Shihabi, and she has a brother named Umar Ali Shihabi. She has no sister.

She considers herself to be of a multi-ethnic background because her mother is part-Palestinian, German and Haitian, and her father is half-Saudi and Norwegian.

Dina was always interested in the creative arts from the beginning. She enjoyed watching films tremendously and even started dancing classes at 6 and 13 with Sharmilla Kamte, also known as “dancing queen,” a famed instructor at Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre Chaloub Studio.

She has received her education from prestigious schools such as Al Mawakeb School, Dubai American Academy, and Emirates International School. It was here when she started playing numerous roles in plays and was encouraged by teachers to pursue an acting career.

With blessings from her father, she packed up her bags at 18 and moved to New York, where she applied at Juilliard and Graduate Acting Program at NYU Tisch School for the Arts. Talented as the actress is, she was accepted at both, and she went to NYU to graduate with an MFA in 2014.

Dina Shihabi is the only proud Saudi-Arabian woman to have been accepted at both of these coveted institutions.

Dina Shihabi’s Career Highlights

Dina’s first big break came in 2011 when she starred inDavid,which was followed by a breakthrough role inJack Ryan.The actress was then regularly cast in TV shows and movies, here and there, but it was in 2018 that she got her first recurring role in the TV seriesJack Ryan. Ever since she stepped into Hollywood, she has been associated with big projects, includingAltered Carbon(2020),Archive 81(2022),Ghosts of Beirut(2023), andPainkiller(2023).

Here is an interesting fact – Dina has known herArchive 81co-worker Mamoudou Athie since she was a teenager. While giving an interview inW Magazineshe revealed that she considers the opportunity to be working with him to be really special, and we agree! It’s great when you work with someone you show that it could be one of the reasons why the show was critically acclaimed.

Ever-Climbing Net Worth & Salary

Dina is active on the acting scene and thus, the majority of her salary is earned from acting projects, endorsem*nts, and brand deals. Her decade-long career has culminated in her amassing a net worth estimated to be between $2 million – $5 million.

Hush Hush Personal Life

It is no secret that Dina is a private person. Not much can be gleaned from her socials, and she is not forthcoming in her interviews. She definitely prefers to keep her privacy and prefers to keep her family’s privacy intact from flashing cameras. However, we did manage to find out that she has a boyfriend and is in a happy relationship with Jai Courtney, an Australian actor. The couple has never publicly confirmed their status.

Welcoming A Child In 2023

Dina is also a mother. Her entire pregnancy was kept quiet, but she did reveal in an interview withVogue Arabiathat she is expecting a child and is ecstatic about it. We hope that we can catch a glimpse of the lucky baby soon! As of now, whether it is a boy or girl, this has not been revealed publicly.

Dina Shihabi Loves Traveling

Actors’ love for traveling is well-documented. With hectic lives, packed schedules, and so much of the time spent in the public eye, it is natural to have the need to get away and recharge. Dina is no different. Having spent considerable time abroad, she loves to travel. Some of the most recent places that she vacationed were Jamaica and Morocco.

Dina also loves being outdoors. As she has gotten increasingly busy, it has been difficult to get time to herself, but whenever she can, the actress prefers going on long walks and hanging by the water.

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A Lady Of Many Talents

Apart from being a skilled actress and expressive dancer, she is also a screenplay writer. Not many people know that she likes to be behind the camera as much as she likes being in front of it. Her first production credit was a short feature film calledChickenwhich was released in 2021.

Dina does not look like to be stopping anytime soon. Her love for writing has only swelled over time, and rumor has it that she is working on a few ideas that she hopes to pitch in the future. The stunner is especially passionate about bringing the stories of Middle Eastern women to the big screen and wants to showcase her culture more. Here’s to hoping that one of her shows gets picked up soon!

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Here are some extra fun facts about Dina Shihabi:

  • Dina has graced the magazine cover ofMarie Clairein 2019.
  • Some of her hobbies include traveling, dancing, and writing.
  • She loves dogs.
  • Her parents were initially against her pursuing an acting career. It is said that some of her scenes inJack Ryancaused friction between her and her father, but things have been ironed out. Her dad has publicly praised her work many times on socials.
  • Dina has more than 84,000 followers on Instagram.
Who Is Dina Shihabi? Learn Everything About Her Career, Net Worth and Love Life! - Taddlr (2024)
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