Robot or human? (2024)

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Robot or human? (2024)


What question will confuse AI? ›

There are a few types of questions that can confuse AI:
  • Questions that are open-ended or ambiguous. These questions can be difficult for AI to answer because they do not have a single, correct answer. ...
  • Questions that are based on human experience or intuition. ...
  • Questions that are based on humor or sarcasm.
Jul 6, 2023

What is the hardest question to ask an AI? ›

However, some of the hardest questions to ask AI are those that require human-like intelligence, creativity, and intuition, as these are still areas where AI falls short. For example, questions that require understanding and interpreting complex emotions, such as sarcasm or irony, can be challenging for AI.

What is a question AI can't answer? ›

AI cannot answer questions requiring inference, a nuanced understanding of language, or a broad understanding of multiple topics.

Who is best robot or human? ›

According to a recent study conducted at ETH Zurich, many of these robots have better components than humans, but they are still not capable of achieving as much. However, robots are catching up in the man vs. machine race.

What is the scariest AI thought experiment? ›

Roko's basilisk is a thought experiment which states that an otherwise benevolent artificial superintelligence (AI) in the future would be incentivized to create a virtual reality simulation to torture anyone who knew of its potential existence but did not directly contribute to its advancement or development, in order ...

What is the biggest problem in AI? ›

The main issues surrounding AI are data security and privacy since AI systems require large amounts of data for operation and training. To avoid leaks, breaches, and misuse, one must ensure data security, availability, and integrity.

What is the biggest danger of AI? ›

Real-life AI risks

Not every AI risk is as big and worrisome as killer robots or sentient AI. Some of the biggest risks today include things like consumer privacy, biased programming, danger to humans, and unclear legal regulation.

What not to ask AI? ›

Six Things You Should Never Ask An AI Assistant
  • Don't ask voice assistants to perform any banking tasks. ...
  • Don't ask voice assistants to be your telephone operator. ...
  • Don't ask voice assistants for any medical advice. ...
  • Don't ask voice assistants for any illegal or harmful activities.

What is something AI will never be able to do? ›

Until now, we have understood our actions as having two dimensions: the dimension of practical execution and the dimension of experiencing and expressing appreciation, authenticity, and autonomy. This multidimensionality is something that AI will never be able to duplicate.

What does AI Cannot do today? ›

AI has come a long way and now plays a vital role in our daily lives. However, it has limitations as it lacks human qualities such as idea generation, intuition, emotions, common sense, and cultural sensitivity.

What can an AI do that a human cant? ›

There are many studies that show humans are productive only about 3 to 4 hours in a day. Humans also need breaks and time offs to balance their work life and personal life. But AI can work endlessly without breaks. They think much faster than humans and perform multiple tasks at a time with accurate results.

How much does an AI robot cost? ›

The cost of owning a humanoid robot will vary significantly based on the model and capabilities. While Tesla's Optimus G2 and Unitree's H1 are projected to be relatively affordable at upwards of $30,000 to under $100,000, Figure One robots will cost up to $150,000.

Who is more powerful AI or human? ›

And AI works at speeds well beyond those of human intelligence; a machine will outperform a human at most tasks that both have been trained to complete by many orders of magnitude.

What jobs will humans have in the future? ›

You'll probably need experience in logistics or supply chain management .
  • Drone manager. Want a peek at future jobs? ...
  • Private industry air traffic control. ...
  • Medical mentor. ...
  • Self-driving car mechanic. ...
  • Autonomous transportation specialist. ...
  • Personal medical interpreter. ...
  • Human-technology integration specialist.

What question confuses ChatGPT? ›

The study, led by CSIRO and the University of Queensland, put ChatGPT to the test with questions like 'Can zinc help treat the common cold? ' to 'Will drinking vinegar dissolve a stuck fish bone? '.

What is the AI that can answer any question? ›

Google Assistant - Developed by Google, this AI-powered assistant utilizes the vast knowledge graph and search index to provide accurate answers to user queries. Amazon Alexa - Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, leverages AI and machine learning to answer questions, provide recommendations, and control smart devices.

What problem can AI not solve? ›

AI Cannot Make Moral or Ethical Decisions: AI operates based on programmed algorithms, without a sense of right or wrong. In situations requiring ethical judgement or moral decisions, AI falls short. It can't grapple with the complexities of ethical dilemmas or make value-based decisions.

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