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Learn More about Equibase Entries

What are Entries?

Equibase Entries are your go to source to look up who is entered to run at your favorite tracks on any given day. Complete with links to profiles pages for the races horses, jockeys, trainers, and owners, Equibase Entries should be your first place to look for information for every upcoming race day.

Features of Entries

Equibase Entries include:

  • Post time for each race
  • Current weather conditions at the track
  • Race type, wagers, purse, and distance
  • Post position and program numbers for each horse
  • Names of each horse, jockey, trainer, owner and breeder in the race
  • Scratches and changes information updated in real time
  • Morning line odds for each horse, when available from the track

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More about Equibase Entries

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Current Weather

Located at the top of every entries page, the track's current weather is shown to help keep you on top of possible changes in track conditions. Weather informaiton includes temperature, wind speed and direction, and humidity..

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Horse and People Names

The heart of race entries, the name of each horse, jockey, trainer, and owner are linked to their respective profile pages giving you the most in depth information available about everyone participating in the days races.

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Program Numbers and Post Positions

Program Numbers and Post Positions will help you identify each horse in the race more easily. Program numbers are what you will use when making your wager and you will see them used around the track and on video monitors. Post Positions will tell you which slot the horse will break out of the gate from, the lower the number the farther inside the horse will be.

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Add to Your Virtual Stable

Are you signed up to receive Virtual Stable email notifications? You can add horses you are interested in to your Virtual Stable just by clicking the check box next to their name.

Don't have a Virtual Stable? Sign up here!

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Access to Entries Plus

Entries Plus is a free visual product that enables you to look at a race in a totally new way. Entries Plus takes the data found in each race entry and couples it with basic past performance information to present data in a way that is both engaging and interactive.

Click the Entries Plus< button above any race to quicly access:

  • Color Bars
  • Line Graphs
  • Snapshot
  • Free Off to the Races
  • Entries Plus Premium
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Race Conditions and Wagers

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Each race entry's conditions will tell you everything you need to know about what type of race is being run. The conditions tell you the race type, purse amount, who is eligible, and distance. The wagers will list each available betting opportunity for the race.

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Purchase PPs and Selections

At the top of the entries page and next to each race for each day you will find quick access to purchase your favorite PPs and Selections, making it easy to get the handicaping information you need to place your winning wagers.

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Equibase | Learn More - Entries (2024)
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